This is

Jill's Story


Jill’s farming dream came true when her and her husband bought their 25 acre country property. Her husband Cody, a dairy farmer, was well-versed in daily farming activities. Jill and her children received hands-on training and learnt how to handle and care for the animals.

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 After much research, they decided to farm Dexter cattle. She realized how important it was as a mother to know where her family’s food was coming from.

Jill’s farm has become her sanctuary and describes it as the most rewarding time, time spent with her family and with the animals. 


Dexter Cows

 Jill’s herd is comprised of 100% pure-breed Dexter beef cattle. The breed originated in southern Ireland and is the smallest of the European cattle breeds. Dexter cattle only grow to about half the size of a traditional Angus beef cow. Being of smaller size, it’s considered a very friendly breed of animal for farmers to raise and can be used for both meat and milk production. Dexters mature in 18 - 24 months and result in small cuts of high quality lean meat. The beef produced by Dexter’s is well marbled and tends to be darker.

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