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Ray's Story


Ray raises Charolais and Limousin breeds. To him, organic farming really compliments the whole picture; his cattle are a great part of the farm experience producing fertile soil and a healthy natural environment. 

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 Ray is happy when he can be outside in nature knowing he is doing everything he can to keep his cows happy and healthy! Ray works everyday to help reclaiming the farming experience that has been lost long ago. A small farm making a big difference!


Charolais / Limousin

 Charolais originated in France. Beautiful white cattle known for their heavy weight and sturdy bodies. Their hooves are specially shaped for rugged terrain. These mighty beasts are well-defined with an admirable intramuscular fat ratio making a great choice for quality beef cuts! Limousin cattle are prided on their ability to produce lean, tender meat. Limousins originated in France but now can be found in more than 70 countries. They are usually red in colour although they can be black.

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