Modern Farm

In today’s world, it is difficult to understand how the food you put in your body is produced and harvested. Since the invention of GMOs, hormones, pesticides and other artificial chemicals, it is rare to find farms that grow and produce foods without these.

However, there are farmers that see things differently and focus on quality over quantity. These are the farmers H&F Foods partner with. Our lasting relationships ensure that the food consumed by our customers is of the highest standard


Your Farm

With everything labeled as “environmentally friendly”, “certified green”, or “natural” it’s hard to know what healthy approach to take when buying food. With very little regulation in Canada around labeling, we want to make it easy for those consumers who are looking for quality.

At H&F Foods, we take the time to know the farm for you.  Before creating a partnership, our team tours and inspects each farm, to ensure that there are no antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides used. We work closely with each farmer to understand how they feed and care for their animals to ensure that every farmer’s practices adhere to our professional and ethical guidelines.